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Our Mission Statement:

CJW & Associates’ mission is to be the premier third-party administrator in the United States specializing in claim administration for domestic and London markets.

We provide flexible claim outsourcing options that add value to our clients’ businesses through prompt, fair and aggressive claim handling coupled with accurate and transparent financial management.

By creating a workplace environment that fosters leadership, expedience and accountability, our highly trained claim teams will exceed CJW clients’ service expectations.


At CJW & Associates, high accuracy and teamwork are a way of life.

Get to know CJW & Associates

CJW & Associates Corporate Office in Orlando, FloridaCramer, Johnson, Wiggins & Associates (CJW) and its parent company, Vericlaim, Inc., was acquired by Sedgwick CMS, on October 1, 2014.  Now a wholly owned subsidiary of Sedgwick, CJW remains a separate operating entity, headquartered in Orlando, Florida.

Since 1985, CJW has been the premier TPA for property and casualty claims providing nationwide claim services for domestic insurance carriers, syndicates and brokers for Lloyd's and municipalities. CJW earned its reputation as the best-in-class Third Party Administrator by providing unparalleled claims handling and loss adjusting services through our knowledgeable and experienced claims professionals.

Supported by Sedgwick’s network of 160 field offices and over 800 professional adjusters and Sedgwick’s vast claim mitigation resources and services, CJW & Associates delivers a complete claim solution that is second to none.

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